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Mary Sue/Gary Stu stargate challange  
07:07pm 13/04/2012
Oh, this is a horrid nightmare. What a sharp noise! How does that come into the middle of my dream wedding with Colonel Young?!
I am no longer asleep. Suddenly my eyes are wide open and the realization hits me. “Jesus, this is not a dream. This is the doorbell ringing!” I stuck out one hand from under my blanket, search for my watch and hold it to two inches before my eyes. I wonder where my glasses are… It is 4:53 in the morning. Who on earth rings doorbells at this time of the day – ok, night – so insistently?
I search for my glasses, drag myself out of bed, and open the door. Colonel Young is looking right back at me. I must still be dreaming, I say to myself, and keep staring at Young as if he was a ghost.
“May I come in?” asks he.
“Sure,” and I stand aside hurriedly. If Colonel Young insists he wants to come into my apartment, who am I to say no? Except… panic overtakes me. My apartment is a mess. Papers from work are everywhere, dirty clothes lie on the floor, leftovers from last night’s dinner are on a plate on my couch, and, khm, I realize I wear nothing but underwear and a worn t-shirt. I wish I could just disappear.
But Young is unphased and a very real presence in my living room. He pushes the leftovers aside and sits down on my couch. “Ms. Csiguci?”
“Yes, sir.” My hair is a mess.
“I was sent to recruit you for the Stargate program as my personal assistant on Icarus base.” Ok, he must be mad if he still wants this after seeing the wonderful orderliness of my apartment.
“But sir, I am not even a soldier, and definitely not American.” I stand there dumbfounded. “Security risk.” I add hastily because his piercing eyes make me feel insecure. Why do I feel naked?!
“Are you a terrorist or a criminal?”
“No, sir.”
“Good enough for me.”
“My typing skills are mediocre, I am not a native speaker, I have no idea of military procedures and missions.”
Although controlled, he now looks slightly impatient. “I take you heard about the Stargate program.”
“Yes sir, but…” Why am I objecting when he is offering me my dream you-can-stare-at-me-anytime job. “…but this must be a mistake?!”
“Do you mean you are not interested?” he asks.
“No, sir.” I mean I am an idiot. I hope I have not said that aloud?! No, probably not. He nods and says,
“You are to report to me in the Pentagon in a week's time.”
He stands up, gives me a tentative smile, extends his hand, and congratulates me on my new position.
“Thank you, sir.” Why on earth do I bow?!
He turns suddenly before I could close the door behind him (OK, before I could steal a final look at his beautiful butt)
“I hope you will be a bit more complacent as an employee.”
“Yessir. Anything you wish, sir.” Oh, did I really say that?



March 29 2012, 22:07:21 UTC

It. Is. Hilarious. *Hence snorting into my chai.*

I guess the Stargate program is desperate these days....LOL

Válasz erre


March 31 2012, 17:59:22 UTC

Oh, I was recuited in much the same way... except The Yum was feeding squirrels in the park, and I caught his eye... The rest, as they say, is history.

Válasz erre


March 31 2012, 22:34:33 UTC

You mean you were walking in the park in underwear and a t-shirt?! :D

Válasz erre


March 31 2012, 22:37:35 UTC

C'mon. She is a squirrel. She wore fur. :P

Válasz erre


March 31 2012, 22:42:02 UTC


Válasz erre


March 31 2012, 23:04:48 UTC

Yes... as I always do. Nibbling on a pinecone, usually.

Válasz erre


April 1 2012, 05:10:59 UTC

Hilarious!! I could see this happening. Csiguci, you are a hoot. How could you disagree with him. And almost caught staring at his great butt!

Válasz erre


April 1 2012, 08:40:14 UTC

Khm...I am not sure whether disagreement is a sign of early-morning dumbness, my desire to awaken his interest (don't give yourself too easy), my nature (I like to object), disbelief that he personally came to recruit me, my honest desire to have him end up with a better secretary (sorry, personal assistant) or errr...hm. Lol.
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Missing Scene - Stargateland challenge  
02:17pm 16/01/2012
Title: June 30, 27 (Novus)/2038 (on Earth)
Length: 680 words
Rating: G
Episode: SGU - Epilogue
Scene: Chloe’s diary entry on the day of Young’s funeral [and kudos to any director who can make a visual sequence out of this all. I am afraid, guys, that in an attempt to write Chloe’s diary entry I wrote Young's obituary and in a terribly cheesy fashion. All good reasons to delete the scene. Lol].

Read it hereCollapse )
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Dragon Con 2011  
05:01pm 15/09/2011
My Dragon Con images are here!

Pictures of Louis Ferreira can be found here.

Pictures of David Blue, Patrick Gilmore, Julie McNiven and David Nykl are here and you might get a glimpse of some of them among the Louis Ferreira pictures.
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Screencap meme  
12:34am 21/08/2011

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Recrtuiting for stargateland  
11:06am 08/08/2011
Stargate fans!
If you like to play and share the team spirit, stargateland is the place for you. We are currently looking for new members especially for teamuniverse. But no matter which team you are assigned to, you can always work on stuff related to your favorite Stargate show.

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Game Therapy Comic Strip  
12:19am 08/08/2011
Made for the stargateland comic strip challenge.

Come this way...Collapse )

If the image appears too small, go here and enlarge image: http://s128.photobucket.com/albums/p190/csiguci/?action=view&current=comicstrip.png.
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Sig Tag for haruechan  
11:56pm 23/07/2011
Gifts made for haruechan as part of a stargateland  challenge.

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Sig Tag for atatteredrose  
11:54pm 23/07/2011
Gifts made for atatteredrose  as part of a stargateland  challenge.

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Sig Tag for elaiel  
11:50pm 23/07/2011
Gifts made for elaiel  as part of a stargateland  challenge.

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Love banner for ashimon  
11:45pm 23/07/2011
Made for ashimon as part of a challenge at stargateland

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